marjorie-parker-director of marketing-controller

My Professional Story

Marjorie has been involved in managing marketing and accounting for Silas Parker & Associates since day one. Even as a child, Marjorie was actively involved in the operations of her family’s businesses and, as such, has assumed many roles over the years. She is a certified bookkeeper and earned her BS in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin in just 3 years. Outside of SP&A, Marjorie has more than 20 years of career experience in marketing, media buying/planning, publishing, graphic design, and more. Marjorie brings solid business skills with an artistic flair and technical know-how to the team.  

My Personal Story

A Waco native and 7th-generation Texan, Marjorie spent much of her childhood on the back roads around Midland, Texas before moving back to Waco in middle school. As a teen living in Waco, she spent many weekends driving her 1963 Cadillac on road trips up and down I-35 and across Texas for rock and roll shows, vintage shopping, and floating the rivers. While Marjorie strongly considered college on the East Coast, she opted to attend UT, landing in the epicenter of late ‘90s Austin weirdness. Marjorie planned to move to New York or DFW to pursue a career in advertising after graduation, however, after a fateful encounter with Silas, she fell head over heels in love and has been in Austin with Silas ever since.

Silas and Marjorie have been together since 2000 and married in 2003. They have had many triumphs and adventures while raising a brilliant son and helping to raise her baby sister. Marjorie considers herself incredibly loved and fortunate for the blessings in her life and believes every hardship is a lesson from God and an opportunity to grow better and stronger. Outside of work and family responsibilities, Marjorie loves road trips, live music, reading, creating, and practicing yoga whenever she can. She’s a trivia whiz who once lost on Jeopardy! And like a true introvert, Marjorie has yet to watch her episode (it aired in 2012)!


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