My Professional Story



Silas started the financial consulting firm Silas Parker & Associates in 2006 with the purpose of helping people clarify and accomplish their most important goals.

He loves answering questions, translating complex issues into simple solutions, and going the extra mile to show how much he truly cares. Silas has consistently ranked as one of the top New York Life agents in the country, earning a coveted place at Chairman’s Cabinet for 2021*—an honor reserved for the top 50 New York Life agents in the country. Although the accolades are an honor, Silas and his team care most about serving client needs. He strives to deliver solutions with great empathy, quality of service, and meticulous attention to details.

*Council is an annual company recognition program based on agent production from July 1- June 30.

My Personal Story


Born in the Ozark Mountains, Silas spent his first years in a small, humble dwelling his father built in the woods. His name even means “man of the forest.” One of his greatest inspirations, his Oma (Meta Parker/grandmother), lived just down the dirt road. Meta, a World War II survivor and widow, taught him love for God, joy for life, and a resilience for life’s hardships. In the late ‘70s, Silas’ father joined the military and the family moved to Central Texas in the early ‘80s. As a young teenager, Silas went out on his own to escape his parents’ complicated divorce. Finding solace in music, he traveled the West Coast performing with a band. Eventually he made his way back to Texas, settling in Austin, which he has called home since 1994.

During a magical evening at a wildlife refuge benefit in 2000, he met his wife, Marjorie. Together they have a music-loving son August, and helped raise Marjorie’s sister, Winnie, after their mother’s sudden passing. Music continues as a passion in his life, and he performs as a bass player in local Austin bands. His grandmother’s influence is still deeply there, as he reads his Bible each morning and attends the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. He also volunteers in worship services at Good Shepherd as a Eucharistic minister, worship leader, and fill-in bass player. Whenever he has the chance, Silas loves to visit his Ozark childhood home to recharge his batteries by watching the bears, deer, and other wildlife that inhabit the forest he calls his sanctuary.

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